We have been featured in The Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper!

Good morning AWOL family! We are so thankful and excited to announce that we have been featured in yesterday’s The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper!! We want to send out huge thanks to Thomas Hill and Matt Dashied for the incredible work they did to spread the message of AWOL’s mission. We were joined by the SFNM crew on our last Veteran hosted trip to Trout Stalker Ranch in mid July.

We here at AWOL believe that this mission can work for those Veterans out there still searching for a deep connection to a healthy activity. We believe this can save lives.

As always folks, you have our eternal thanks for your support of our organization and Veteran community. Give this article a quick read, share with your friends and family what you’re seeing here.

We are setting the fires that light the way. Follow along family.



In Thanks and Recognition of The Woman's Bible Study group-St. John's United Methodist Church

We would like to send out huge thanks and recognition to The Women's Bible Study Group at St. Johns United Methodist Church here in Albuquerque, NM!!!! The wonderful ladies at this bible study came together in support of our organization with a wonderful donation of $678.00!!! We are so thankful for the love and support from our community!!
It is with support such as this that we are able to continue operations here at AWOL. These donations are directly used in facilitating the guided fly fishing retreats we offer our Veteran participants, and are truly a way to extend your hand into the life of a veteran and be a part of creating that important change. These wonderful ladies are sure doing that! We are eternally grateful for your support St. John's United Methodist!!


Semper Fidelis,

Announcing our Partnership with The Bunker Foundation

Good Morning AWOL family,
We are excited once again to announce a partnership with an incredible organization The Bunker Foundation The great folks at The Bunker Foundation are taking a stance on not only the veteran suicide crisis in our country but also our communities Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and First Responders. Based in San Antonio, Texas, these folks are making a difference in our communities finest providing services for Veterans and First Responders alike. A 501c3 Organization, these guys are already off and running making a difference, getting these folks out and active with eachother, "Stronger Together" as they say!

We Agree.

Our partnership provides opportunities for our organizations participants to expand their horizons with fly fishing adventures. We are excited for this future together!! Be Sure to go over and check out their mission folks

"Our Mission is to eliminate suicide amongst our Nation's greatest by providing resources and a safe haven for combat wounded veterans, firefighters, and law enforcement injured in the line of duty. To enrich their lives with daily support and to be a refuge in their rime of need by providing but not limited to recreational therapy, resources, funding and family support."

Now that's a mission statement we can get behind.

Semper Fidelis,

Announcing our partnership with The Super Breed Association

Good Morning AWOL family, and welcome to a new week of opportunity. We are excited to again announce a partnership with another amazing organization working for the greater good of our Veteran community, Super Breed Association.

For those of you who may not know, “The Super Breed” is the name which was given to my battalion, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, 1st Marine Division, whom I served with and are now forever my blood brothers. I was blessed to get a phone call from a few weeks ago from this organization expressing support for AWOL and an eagerness to do greater work alongside each other. I couldnt imagine a gathering of warriors finer than 1st Combat Engineers. Engineers lead the way indeed.

The Super Breed Association is a gathering of warrior alumn from every generation of 1st Combat’s family, back to the days when we were 1st Pioneer Battallion. To say that our family roots run deep is an incredible understatement. We are a proud and loyal brotherhood at 1st combat, and through TheSuper Breed Associations incredible work we now have a place, name, people and purpose to gather behind. Brotherhood after war is about family, sharing an coming together for the greater good of one another. Together with The Super Breed Association, we are going to add to these warrior gatherings with professionally guided fly fishing adventures. Please be sure to go over and check out their website for membership details. www.superbreedassociation.com

Great things are happening every single day AWOL Family. Stay tuned, tell your friends about what’s happening here, and share it with your veteran brothers and sisters in your community. We all live this life together.

Semper Fidelis,


Thanking Phillips Southern LLC for their generous donation.

Good Morning AWOL family!

We would like to send out big thanks and recognition to Phillips Southern LLC for their $500.00 donation.

"Here at Phillips Southern We Help Ensure the Safety and Integrity of America's Pipelines. We Also Make it Our Mission to Help America's Military Men and Women Past and Present. Thank you AWOL ANGLER for Everything you do!"

We are eternally grateful for your support Phillips Southern! With your support, we will continue our mission to change lives.

Semper Fidelis,



We would like to send out GREAT THANKS and Recognition to Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino for their incredibly generous donation of $5000.00 to AWOL Angler!
Along with this wonderful donation, the great folks at Buffalo Thunder have also arranged to host our Veteran participants in their 5 star accommodations in the interim between our fishing locations.

It is because of the love and support of our communities and businesses that we are able to begin operating our program for these Veterans in need.
The Veteran suicide epidemic within our nation is unacceptable. Thank you Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino for being the difference.



***AWOL FAMILY***....good morning and welcome to a new week of opportunity! We are FAR beyond excitement to announce that this week we are hosting our first Veteran trip here in New Mexico!!!!

Because of all of your love and support, we are able to welcome United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran (EOD) Ryan Birdsell to our beautiful waters here in northern New Mexico on Trout Stalker Ranch.

It is our mission here at AWOL to provide our Veteran participants with fully funded fly fishing retreats. This is an attempt to foster a new and healthy lifestyle within those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms....and now thanks to your support, we are operational doing just that.

Please be sure to follow along in the next few days to get a closer look at our Mission-in-Action.

The Veteran suicide epidemic within our country is unacceptable. Statistically we are losing 22 of our nations veterans by their own hand daily. We plan to smash the very mountains to change that.

We are ALL eternally grateful for your support.


Proudly announcing our partnership with JJ's Guide Service-Oregon

Good morning AWOL Family! Things are cruising along here at an incredible pace, with new partnerships and support coming our way almost every week. We are excited to share our first partnership with a Guide Service outside of the state of New Mexico, JJ’s Guide Service.

I was able to go fishing last September with this outfitter, and had an incredible day of it. Our captain JJ Wolford took us out for a run at wild Coho Salmon, and we instantly knew that this would be a great match up for our organization. Upon learning of her mission, JJ was excited to explore opportunities, and man did he bring some great ideas to the table. Though we are primarily a catch and release practicing, fly fishing centric organization, this Oregon trip will give our veteran participants a chance to return home with more than memories of a great day on the water, but the freshest wild salmon available on the market ; ). Couple that with dropping crab pots throughout the day…this should make for an incredible post fishing cookout right on the shores of Winchester Bay, Oregon.

We are so thankful to have your support JJ.